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Targeting & Budget Allocation

Achieve 10% revenue growth by localizing ad targeting, without increasing spend.
milk-makeup-case-study (2)

Improving organic channel performance

200% increase in non-branded keywords with blog optimizations

Elevating Non-Branded Traffic with SEO

71% increase in organic search traffic from only non-branded keywords
Email Marketing Case Study-3

Boosting Sales with Email Automation

Increase of 600% in the mailing list with Nuknuuk

Generating Quality Leads for SaaS client

Improved lead generation by 171% for

Optimizing Content for Featured Snippets

Advanced keyword position by 130% to claim position zero

Driving App Installs and In-App Purchases

Generated over 1 million app installs for UGroupMedia

Testing Google's Smart Shopping Platform

Shopping conversion rates increased 9.5x for Browns

Paired Market Test for eCommerce Sales

Boost of 8.73% in revenue for Sleep Country with ads

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