Paired Market Facebook Test with Sleep Country


The client had two daunting tasks ahead: 1) to ensure that their newly launched e-commerce website entered the market with a bang, and 2), to bring their latest flagship product, their original mattress in a box, to the forefront of the minds of customers seeking the perfect night’s sleep.

Faced with these challenges, the mattress retailer enlisted the help of Montreal-based Webtmize to take advantage of everything Facebook Advertising has to offer to maximize reach, awareness, sales, and customer satisfaction.


After 25 years in business, Sleep Country, the Canadian mattress retailer and largest expert in all things sleep, sought to solidify its position as a household name in the mattress business by breaking into the world of e-commerce sales.



Test group increase in revenue



Control group drop in revenue


Webtmize implemented a paired-market Facebook test in order to generate in-store visits.

Our strategy was to enlist a few Canadian provinces as the test group and a single Canadian province as the control group. The test group was exposed to Facebook advertising while the control group wasn’t.

The whole country was still served all other usual forms of advertising (ex: tv radio print paid search and display). Facebook advertising was the single variable on the chosen test province.

Webtmize then measured incremental store lift of test province vs control province YoY.


The test group had an incremental 8.73% increase in revenue and the control group had a 4% drop in revenue. Thus through this Facebook test, Webtmize was successful in showing the power of digital marketing on brick-and-mortar foot traffic with proven measurable results. This has enabled us to expand our digital reach for the mattress retailer to cover the entire country and thus drive more in-store visits.