Tailoring Pajar’s ad campaigns with localization & budget allocation 

About Pajar

Pajar is a brand that has been proudly serving its clients with premium winter wear since 1963. With ample experience in the industry, the winter clothing brand understands the harsh realities of winter such as relentless snow and bone-chilling temperatures.

When it comes to providing clients with outerwear to brave the winter elements, Pajar has been known to deliver. Wanting to take their brand to new heights, they searched for a marketing agency that would be able to perform given their personalized requests.

In early Fall 2022, Pajar decided to join Webtmize in the journey of expanding their business across Canada and the United States, and optimizing their paid media campaigns.  



When we started talking with the Pajar team back in 2022, we discussed that sales were hitting a glass ceiling despite launching Paid Media and updating their site design and structure.

Email Marketing Case Study

Brand Insights

  • Pajar is a seasonal brand, their peak months are from September to February, and March if the winter is aggressive. 
  • Despite Pajar Canada wanting to grow year over year, they wanted to maintain the bottom line and we had the objective of a 6.5x Marketing Efficiency Ratio (MER). 
  • We were mandated to maintain efficiency across the season with the same budget as the previous year.


Having a huge dependence on the weather, Pajar was the ideal client with the budget to test out tailored campaigns & budgets per specific locations.

Optimizing Performance Max Campaigns: Localization & Budget 

Performance Max Campaigns having just launched in the Spring of 2022, we thought it would be the perfect opportunity to test two variables at once.

With that in mind, we set off to create ten Performance Max Campaigns located in the top ten cities that Pajar saw the most sales coming from. With the help of Google’s Premier Partner support, the initial campaigns delivered!

Creating separate campaigns to tailor each top city enabled us to play with budgets and bids depending on the weather forecasts.
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YoY flat

Ad spend



Net revenue





Pajar saw great Paid Media results thanks to tailored localized Performance Max Campaigns. 

  • YoY ad spend remained flat
  • Net revenue increased by 10% in 8 months
  • Marketing Efficiency Ratio (MER) increased to nearly 8x thanks our campaign optimizations.

We are proud to quantify the partnership between Pajar and Webtmize as a definite success. The advantage of having a flexible, trusted and satisfied client is that you get to test different strategies moving forward with one goal in mind: to always optimize!