Improving non-branded traffic for Browns Shoes with SEO-optimized content

About Browns Shoes

As Browns Shoes' lead performance marketing agency, we are proud to collaborate with Canada’s leading footwear retailer, boasting a substantial presence of over 300 stores nationwide. 

Despite Browns' consistent year-over-year business growth, in recent years, they saw a decline in non-branded organic search traffic to its website. As more consumers turned to search engines to research products before making a purchase, Browns realized it needed to improve its SEO strategy to reach this valuable audience. Recognizing the shifting consumer behavior, Browns entrusted our agency to enhance its online presence with SEO-optimized content.


Findings and challenges

With mounting competition in the Canadian online footwear market, Browns needed to find a way to increase non-branded keywords and overall organic traffic to its site.

The main findings included:

  • Thin content that lacked optimization for relevant keywords
  • Minimal internal linking between categories and products
  • Limited backlinks from high-authority sites to boost rankings
Challenges we encountered: 
  • The market is highly competitive.
  • The keywords we were pursuing were exceptionally competitive.
  • Incorporating SEO-optimized content seamlessly into the website and maintaining a balance that doesn't compromise sales performance or user experience (UX).

Without quality content optimized for SEO, Browns risked losing organic visibility and traffic to competitors ranking higher in search results.
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SEO Strategy

  • On-page SEO: headers, content, and meta data were all optimized. 
  • Backlink strategy: targeted campaign for certain keywords that we were tandem optimizing the website for.

To improve its organic search presence, we helped Browns implement an SEO content strategy focused on two main pillars within the realm of search engine optimizations.

On-page optimization:

  • Conducted meticulous keyword research to pinpoint the most pertinent and viable keywords, then allocated these keywords to respective pages and diligently optimized both the page content and metadata with these keywords.
  • Published short and long-form, keyword-optimized content on main collection pages, targeting relevant footwear topics.
  • Refreshed meta data with detailed information and keywords.
  • Improvised an optimized Hn structure. 

Backlink building:

  • Created personalized outreach campaigns to obtain backlinks from fashion blogs and publications.
  • Implemented tailored outreach initiatives to secure backlinks from prominent fashion blogs and reputable publications. Our focus was on targeting websites renowned for their high authority and substantial traffic, with a specific emphasis on ensuring that the majority of their visitors hailed from Canada.

The goal was to implement best practices to appear more relevant in search results, earn more backlinks, and ultimately drive more non-branded organic traffic.



Organic keywords



Organic search traffic





Browns saw outstanding results from its focus on SEO and high-quality content.

  • 25 % increase in organic keywords ranking on the first page in 3 months. Almost 400 non-branded keywords are ranking on the first page now.
  • 71% increase in organic search traffic from only non-branded keywords.
  • 20 % increase in revenue from organic search traffic.

The traffic lift from non-branded keywords proved the success of Browns' SEO optimization efforts. Powerful backlinks from reputable sites also helped improve domain authority and search rankings. With its revamped approach to SEO and content, Browns strengthened its organic presence and brand visibility. The initiatives resulted in significant growth in new site traffic and a strong ROI on efforts.