Generating Quality Leads for SAAS Company Boosted.ai

Based in Toronto, Boosted.ai is an artificial intelligence company that leverages machine learning to enhance portfolio management outcomes. They are best known for Boosted Insights—an AI point-and-click software for investment managers. Based on the capital markets expertise of their clients, the Boosted Insights platform learns and identifies patterns that generate additional opportunities for institutional investors. No background in coding or data science is needed.

Created for the global financial industry, their software is the perfect tool if you are looking to source new ideas, manage risk, create alpha, and create value in your equity portfolios.

boosted.ai-case-study (1)-1
boosted.ai-case-study (1)-1


SAAS (software as a service) is usually very niche at the beginning of their release and therefore needs an advertising presence to be able to create a market for their product.

Boosted.ai wanted to increase its growth through the help of a performance marketing agency. They were looking to generate leads from highly qualified audiences to have their sales team reach out and begin the sales process. 

The SAAS industry is very competitive and also very expensive in terms of CPCs, CPMs and cost per leads. However, clients that do convert tend to yield very high revenue. Another difference in the SAAS Lead Generation, is that it requires a good software to understand the quality of the leads to make further optimizations. Hubspot, for example, helps the marketers understand the quality of the leads, and from which campaigns/creatives/keywords are the prospect coming from. 

Important to note also that around the time we signed on with them, Boosted.ai had recently raised $35 million in Series B funding. This lent itself perfectly, as we were able to leverage this achievement with our own coordinated promotional efforts.



Decreased CPL



Lead Generation increase


  • Cleaned up the LinkedIn Account using data from Hubspot to define top audiences and LinkedIn data to define audiences to run on the platforms.
  • Created lead generation campaigns for two key segments.
  • Leveraged white papers and blog articles to get emails & subsequently boost email marketing reach.
  • Refined targeting with Hubspot's data to remove underperforming functions, job titles and markets.


Our Paid Media team ultimately leveraged the power of social media advertising using LinkedIn Ads and Google Ads to show relevant and qualified content to key customer segments. We also proposed to promote LinkedIn ads as a platform to be able to reach the audiences that would resonate the most with the product and content.

In the first six months, we focused on reworking audiences and implementing strategies such as blending markets together, using broad audiences and targeted audiences to drive as many leads as possible.

We successfully achieved this by decreasing the CPL by 19% and by increasing the leads by 171% in the past 6 months. Finally, we used Hubspot to validate the quality of the leads and adjust our target audience.