Introducing Webtmize’s Keyword Merge Tool

Introducing Webtmize’s Keyword Merge Tool


A marketer’s greatest ally. Fight writer’s block with WebTmize’s Keyword Merge Tool.

keywordmergerIt happens to the best marketers. That feeling of being uninspired when building a list of keywords for your ad campaign. It can sometimes create an enormous roadblock that can feel impossible to leap over. But it’s not. What’s the easiest way to jump over the word block hurdle? Come up with your core keywords, and mix it up with WebTmize’s Keyword Merge Tool.

Use the WebTmize Keyword tool to merge all your keywords quickly and easily. Our new tool will help anyone struggling with writer’s block see a different perspective and create different variations of their keywords instantly.

We live in the digital age, and these are digital ads! Our tool will help save hours of work from doing this manually.

The perfect tool for ad campaigns, SEO keyword optimization, and for coming up with the perfect URL for your new website.

How to use the keyword Merge Tool


To use the keyword tool, type your keywords in a text box below, select a conversion type: “none”, “broad match”, “negative keywords”, “phrase match” or “exact match” and click on “merge”. Your merged keywords variations in your selected format will appear in the merge result text box below. You can also add or remove text boxes to create keyword variations for multiple ad groups.

A Merge Tool perfectly compatible for Google Adwords


The best part? Our Keyword Merge Tool is formatted to be compatible with Google Adwords.
Once you’ve got all your keyword variations, click on “Export” to get the results downloaded into a .csv file. and since all your keywords will be formatted for Google Adwords’ match types, you can directly upload the .csv into your campaigns in Google Adwords.
So what are you waiting for? Mix things up and try Webtmize’s Keyword Merge Tool for yourself, and let us know what you think in the comments below.