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Driving App Installs & In-App Purchases

Our Story

Within less than 1 year of its official launch, the Webtmize team has grown from the efforts of 1 man, acclaimed industry expert Abdo Mazloum, to a burgeoning team of 9 specializing in the cutting edge of PPC & SEO.

But this small team packs a powerful punch – with recognition of the team and its success and innovation. Webtmize is also proud to announce its Google Premier Partnership within its first year of operation.

Our outside-the-box approach that makes Webtmize unique, involves tailored commitment to each individual client’s needs. When a new client reached out to Webtmize to manage the 2018 campaigns the leading provider of personalized Santa Claus Videos for the Christmas Season – a flourishing partnership was born.

The Challenge

Webtmize & our client faced a daunting task – to drive brand awareness, traffic, and conversions for our client’s website and mobile app, in an effort encompassing more than 20 countries and 4 languages – all in the span of less than 12 weeks. But they were up for the challenge – With daily communication on performance, and subsequent adjustments to targeting, time allocation, and budgets being hallmarks of the campaign.

By applying the cutting edge in Mobile advertising, combined with the best practices for Universal App Campaigns and constant evaluation of campaign progress and goal progression helped boost the 2018 Christmas to the best-performing in our client’s history.

By its conclusion, the campaigns exceeded even the wildest expectations – with more than 1 million app installs across Google, Apple Search Ads and Facebook, up from 2017, with both CPIs and CPAs dropping to below expectations.

Tools Used

Facebook Ads

Google Ads

Bing Ads

Apple Search Ads

Our Success

In 2018, under the care of Webtmize:

1 Million

App installs

Our client media generated 1 Million App installs

66% Decrease


Decreased CPI by 66% due to optimization and expanded reach to new markets at a lower cost

93% YoY increase

Media buget

Media budget increased by 93% YoY due to positive performance

Properly measured ROAS vs previous years (Attribution between Apps and Web remain a challenge which is common)

The Strategy

This unprecedented jump in performance would not have been possible without the client-centred, detailed-oriented and flexible approach that guides every campaign managed by Webtmize. It is the same approach that has brought some many campaigns to fruition, and that is continuing to boost Webtmize – and its clients – to new heights in the world of SEM.

Caring for a growing campaign takes a commitment – and both reporting and monitoring can bite into campaign optimization time. By setting up a series of customized API reporting systems – covering the month-to-date campaign spends relative to allocated budgets, as well as automated campaign monitoring of ads, keywords, and spend pacing to identify key points requiring attention – Account Managers are able to achieve fast and effective alerts for selected metrics across all campaigns and accounts under Google’s umbrella.

The successful implementation of these proactive initiatives has allowed the team to greatly free up time that can be allocated to campaign adjustment and optimization – in some cases bringing what was once a full-day commitment to building and sending client reports into an automated process requiring just a few minutes of input.